By the Numbers: Tech Services Start-of-Semester Metrics Fall 2023

At Technology Services, we strive to connect people and technology to help Illinois and our partners thrive. We offer support for the learning, discovery, engagement, and economic development mission of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Technology Services provides dozens of services that support the University’s mission. Below are metrics from select services from the first week of classes in August of this year.


Canvas is the university-supported Learning Management System. 

Canvas had 229,048 students enrolled, 6,734 instructors enrolled, and 3,809 courses.

Data Storage

U of I Box, Google Workspace, OneDrive, and SharePoint are university-supported data cloud storage solutions that are available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Data storage metrics include 6.2 Petabytes used on U of I box; 2.48 petabytes used on Google workspace; 520 terabytes used on One Drive; and 26.5 terabytes used on Sharepoint.


Campus Email offers every student, faculty, and staff an inbox via Microsoft 365 using each person’s NetID for a unique address.

Email metrics include 1.25 million emails sent and 12.95 million emails received.

Help Desk

Technology Services’ permanent Help Desks are located in the Digital Computer Lab and Main Library.

The Help Desk received a 98% customer satisfaction rate. One student said, "I loved how helpful and willing they were to help and [they] got good results in [a] short time, so I was very satisfied."

Media Space

Illinois Media Space is a media hosting platform (like YouTube) that allows students, faculty, and staff to share multimedia in a secure environment. Illinois Media Space is integrated with Canvas and Learn@Illinois, allowing you to use the same interface and see media you own across campus platforms.

Media Space metrics included 17,976 viewers, 1.5 million minutes watched, and 17,805 media plays.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the university’s primary collaboration platform that supports threaded, persistent conversations, instant messaging, file storage, and audio and video conferencing. 

Microsoft Teams included 50,000 person-to-person calls, and 575,000 chat messages.

Teams & Zoom Videoconferencing

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are essential tools used across the university that facilitate audio/video conferencing and collaboration.

There were 37,000 video conferences total on Teams and Zoom.


Campus Wi-Fi includes IllinoisNet, IllinoisNet_Guest, and Eduroam wireless networks.

Wi-Fi metrics included Wi-Fi in 414 buildings, 125,020 peak number of devices per day, 63,410 devices connected at the same time, and 25.1 gbps peak data moved.