Tech Services Collaborations Promote Generative AI

Technology Services recently partnered with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host a generative AI seminar series for the campus community. Presentations focused on understanding the use and application of generative AI. 

Seminar Series: Cloud and Generative AI

Spread throughout this past September and January, this special seminar series focused on cloud and generative AI. Illinois researchers, faculty, staff, and graduate students gathered to listen to talks about applying AI to specific university use cases related to teaching and learning, administration, library, research, and athletics; privacy in AI—how cloud vendors are ensuring user data is not consumed by machine learning models; text-generating AI chatbots; and other use cases for IT and business applications. In addition, the seminar series showed demonstrations using specific AI tools currently available through the university vendors. Recordings from the seminar series are available on Media Space 

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Any news or upcoming generative AI events will be announced on our website. For more generative AI events on campus, news, tools, or other resources, visit the Illinois Generative AI Solutions Hub website.