Get Started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Using GCP

Is GCP right for your project?

We’re available to sit down and discuss whether GCP is a good fit for your needs, design solutions, or take feedback on how we can improve.

How do I get GCP access?

When requesting GCP access through Technology Services, you will need a University CFOP, and a monthly budget amount for your project (Google Cloud pricing calculator).

Illinois Help Articles

Tech Services has articles and instructions to help you or your IT staff connect GCP with Illinois-specific technologies.

GCP Documentation

Google has a library of documentation and user guides for each of the services within GCP.

GCP Self-Paced Training and Certifications

Learn how to implement load balancing and content delivery (Cloud CDN) or optimize your network for performance and cost with Google Cloud networking.

Understand key risk mitigation and response tactics to potential threats such as DDoS attacks or phishing with security in Google Cloud.

Training Opportunities


Learn how to design and build data processing systems. Leverage data and gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

Training Opportunities


Cloud Digital Leader certification is intended for business practitioners currently or planning on working in the cloud. Gain an understanding of cloud terminology and different ways cloud services can be used in this free training from Google.