Illinois AnyWare

We recently updated the name of our virtual computer lab service to Illinois AnyWare from UIUC AnyWare.

In an effort to provide the best blended and remote learning experience, Technology Services hosts a Virtual Desktop service. Illinois AnyWare provides optimized remote access to over 100 software applications for students whether working on campus, off campus, or in class. Illinois AnyWare can be access using multiple devices and operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, iOS, and Android.

Students may find Illinois AnyWare helpful if they: 

  • Need to run software that they do not have access to on their own devices
  • Need to run software that their personal device cannot run due to processing power
  • Are unable to download large files due to internet bandwidth issues or data caps

This service is available for student use, instructors are limited to teaching and learning purposes.

To use the service, simply log in to the service using a browser and you will be prompted to install Citrix Workspace.

KnowledgeBase article with details and more information about Illinois AnyWare.

Log in to Illinois AnyWare

Contact Technology Services ( with questions.

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