Microsoft Teams Transition Project

The Microsoft Teams Transition Project is a multi-year, cross-campus effort to transition our university from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams as the primary phone communication tool. The change will go into full effect by July 2023. After July 2023, Skype for Business will not be available.

About the Project

With the retirement of Skype for Business, a new phone communication tool is necessary. Teams offers a number of features that will benefit faculty and staff. Examples include:

  • Persistent chat between channels, teams, and individuals
  • Improved calling and video conferencing capabilities
  • Cloud recording
  • Video customizations
  • Full integration with the Office 365 suite
  • Depending upon your unit’s IT policies and computer administrator privileges, you may be able to download and install Teams. If you need assistance or cannot install the application yourself, please contact your unit IT.
  • Technology Services provides the following guidance to support you in installing Teams: 
  • For more details on getting started, please visit our Microsoft Teams page.
  • May 15 – 19, 2023: Pilot group transition to Teams
  • June 2023: Contact center testing and transition to Teams
  • June 7 – July 14, 2023: Contact center and response group no-change data
  • July 10 – 14, 2023: Skype to Teams Transition
  • Some units may have equipment changes or a shift to no longer using physical phones.
  • The deadline for updating phone equipment is February 2023.
  • Review the Microsoft Teams Phone Buying Guide
  • View the list of phones and devices compatible with Teams
    • This list also includes information about which devices are not compatible and may need to be replaced.
    • Teams Certified devices will pass E911 data to public safety. This is a campus requirement for life safety.
  • Skype phone numbers will remain the same for Teams
  • The Unified Communications Phone Inventory App allows campus units to identify the phone devices currently in use which will no longer function after the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Please note this link is only accessible from Campus IPs (VPN included).

The Microsoft Teams video archive houses videos from our events, training sessions, and more.

Need more help? Contact our Help Desk!