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Huaqi Zhang by a cherry blossom tree

Huaqi Zhang Behind the Screens: User Experience Wizard

Technology and innovation make the world go round. However, systems powerful enough to run our campus world and move digital mountains are oftentimes not the most user-friendly. Read about how Huaqi as a User Design Specialist changes the game.

Woman at desk with disorganized cloud storage/digital space and files

The Dangers of Digital Hoarding

Digital hoarding is the disorganization of data and storage of data without deleting anything. Decluttering can lead to cramped and cluttered storage systems, decreased productivity, and bigger security risks. Learn about digital hoarding and avoid it with these tips.

Alma Mater dressed in graduation regalia.

Graduation IT Checklist

Congratulations, graduates! All your hard work has paid off! Before you leave campus, there are a few things you need to do first to make sure your important files and software come with you.