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graphic displaying the difference between data flow between 4GLTE and 5G cellular connections

5G Technology Introduces New Capabilities

5G, short for Fifth Generation, is the next technical evolution of cellular-based technology. Learn how you can leverage 5G technologies as well as some high-level differences between cellular and Wi-Fi.

Tips from University Audits

Special guest speaker, Darla Hill, Director of Audits at the Office of University Audits, led the conversation on common problems and issues, identified by audit, which might have relevance to the Business IT Collaboration.

Photo of University of Illinois Commencement

Graduating Students at Tech Services

Congratulations to the class of 2022! We had a chance to interview two recent grads about their experience working at Tech Services and what they’re doing after graduation!

Duo mobile app push notification

Use the Duo Mobile App for 2FA

The Duo Mobile app provides the fastest login experience with 2FA. After you login with a NetID and password, a push notification or one time passcode will be sent to your device.