Continuing Key University Activities

Visit for information on service availability impacts to Illinois customers. If you are experiencing issues with a service listed below, you may check their specific status page, which is located next to the service name below. Cloud services, including those used by the university, will continue to experience instability as they adjust to record demand. Technology Services will notify customers of issues reported locally, as well as those we can reproduce or suspect may affect the campus.

Online Tool News and Updates - This link includes best practices, updates and frequently asked questions for online tools that Technology Services supports.

The University of Illinois is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19, please visit for the latest updates.

The following is a basic set of resources and information to assist University faculty, staff, and students in supporting key university activities. You may already use or be asked to use some of these resources. The Technology Services Help Desk ( is available to assist with any of the services mentioned below.

  • Technology Services is unable to support new tools and services during campus emergencies. 

  • Contact your local IT support for remotely connecting to any specific services your department uses.

Student Resources

Student Resources

Library Resources

The University of Illinois Main Library provides information on and access to a number of literary and research resources at

The Library also provides access to the Emergency Temporary Access Service. Details are available on their website.


Access to software is available through UIUC AnyWare. UIUC AnyWare provides virtual access to over 100 software applications for students whether working on campus, remotely, or in class. It also offers a virtual desktop environment allowing users to access applications securely, on multiple devices and operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, iOS, and Android.

Visit the WebStore for free and discounted software that can be downloaded to your personal computer. As part of the COVID-19 response, Adobe Creative Cloud is available for free to all students through August 1, 2021.


Technology Equipment Needs and Student Support Resources

Student Assistance Center

If a student does not have access to functional computers or internet connectivity, they can contact the Student Assistance Center at 217-333-0050 or The Center serves as the first point of contact for students who contact the Office of the Dean of Students. The Assistant Deans help students understand university policies and procedures, educate them about and connect them to campus resources, and support students in crisis.

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Setup your 2FA and password recovery!

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For faculty, staff, graduate/professional Students, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required to access a number of important university resources.

Change Password and 2FA Recovery Options

Your password and 2FA recovery option will ensure that you can easily reset your password in cases of emergency and resume access to University resources if you do not have your 2FA device. Visit the NetID Center to ensure you’re set up correctly.

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Connecting Securely

Staying Connected

Many internet and telephone companies are providing support at keeping America connected by offering free or discounted services and eliminating data caps for internet and cellular services. View the Staying Connected web page for more information.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A handful of resources can only be accessed on the campus network (for example, Banner). Visit the VPN Essentials page for additional information. Please disconnect from the VPN after accessing resources that require it.

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Video, Voice, and Chat

Please consider using Skype for Business or Google Hangout Meets for your work conferencing to reduce the load on Zoom, which is heavily used by students and faculty for academic purposes.

Skype for Business (Skype status)

Skype for Business is the recommended tool for work-related calls, instant messaging, and most video calls. 

Google Hangouts Meet (Meet status)

Google Hangouts Meet is a part of the Google Apps @ Illinois Suite. Hangouts Meet is a video meeting application for informal group calls that do not require advanced features, such as recording, participant management, and breakout rooms. Calls may be initiated or joined through the Meets app or using Chrome.

  • Meetings can have up to 250 participants through July 1, 2020
  • Hangouts has a live captioning feature available for team/class members who are hard of hearing. Visit Google's help page for guidance on turning this on this feature.

Zoom (Zoom status)

Zoom is available to all students, faculty and staff, and enables online meetings and live course delivery. Breakout rooms and other tools are available. Meeting attendees should have the Zoom client installed to attend a session.

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Cloud Storage

U of I Box (Box status)

  • Sign up for U of I Box using the Cloud Dashboard

  • U of I Box is the only approved campus cloud storage option for university-owned information, including FERPA and HIPAA data.

Google Drive (Drive status)

Microsoft OneDrive (OneDrive status)

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Collaboration Tools

Office 365 (O365 status)

The Office 365 suite includes Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, and more.

Google Apps at Illinois (Google Apps status)

Google Apps includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts Chat, Meet, and more.

Teams (Teams status)

Microsoft Teams ("Teams") is an effective collaboration tool that is included with Office 365. Teams offers chat rooms, file sharing and integrated conferencing in persistent teams spaces.

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Teaching Resources

For more information about instructional continuity, including Compass2g and Kaltura, please visit the CITL Keep Teaching website.

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