New Microsoft Teams Training Available on Brainstorm

Technology Services is partnering with the training company Brainstorm to offer quick and convenient Microsoft Teams training. The course “Make the Leap to Microsoft Teams” allows you to choose your journey to learn about Teams calls, chats, and meetings through a series of short videos and questions. You can complete the whole course in less than 20 minutes! There’s also a downloadable PDF to help you navigate Microsoft Teams. It’s a great resource to have ahead of the Skype to Teams Transition July 10-14, at 3 pm daily 

Getting Started 

All Illinois faculty, staff, and graduate students have been preregistered for the Brainstorm training course at no cost. To get started, go to the Brainstorm login page, and enter your university email address. You’ll be prompted to send a code to your email for verification. Then, just create a password.  The training is available for three months. 

Need Help? 

If you have problems logging into to Brainstorm, please contact 

Tech Services Live Teams Training

If you are interested in attending a live Microsoft Teams training course at the University of Illinois, head to the Training Services web page to register. More resources, training videos and information about the Skype to Teams Transition Project are available on the Microsoft Teams web page