Generative AI Resources

We are pleased to partner with the Generative AI Solutions Hub to identify and provide a list of generative AI resources to the University community. The following resources are in alignment with our university’s Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Privacy consideration for Gen AI and are currently supported by Tech Services and are being used at our university.

The applications/tools listed under Approved Resources are vetted and approved for use with University solutions and devices.
Any application not on this list is not approved and should be not be used with University solutions or devices.

Approved Resources

Microsoft Copilot with Data Protection

Previously branded Bing Chat Enterprise (BCE), Copilot with Data Protection is a generative AI-powered platform designed and created specifically for organizations: user and organizational data is protected–chat data is not saved, and chat data will not be available in any capacity to Microsoft or other large language modelsCopilot with Data Protection cites its generated content with verifiable citations, has access to current information, can provide visual answers including graphs and charts, and more. Learn more about Copilot with Data Protection.

Laptop computer displaying logotypes of Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly are available to all faculty and staff and provide robust generative AI tools for creative needs. No sensitive or high-risk data is permissible in this environment. This tool is available to all Faculty and Staff, as well as students who have purchased Creative Cloud licenses.

LinkedIn Learning AI Career Coach

Available to all students, faculty, and staff, LinkedIn Learning is a powerful tool to learn specific skills at your own pace. Access LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning’s AI-powered Career Coach can answer questions in real-time by referencing LinkedIn Learning’s entire library of information.

Microsoft Teams Premium

Available for purchase as an annual subscription from WebStore, Microsoft Teams Premium provides AI capabilities to summarize meetings, auto-generate a task list, translate and provide real-time transcripts, and navigate meeting recordings with personalized time markers.

Resources Under Review

Microsoft Copilot 365

We are currently piloting Microsoft Copilot 365 with approximately 500 faculty and volunteers across the University units to evaluate its value to the university community.

This pilot runs from May through December 2024.

Zoom AI Companion

University Legal, University Purchasing, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer are reviewing the risks and possible mitigations of this tool. Zoom AI Companion provides meeting summaries, message summaries, post-call summaries, transcripts and more. Some features may be limited due to our HIPAA-secured environment. If approved, anyone with a paid account will have access to this suite of capabilities.

AI Privacy and Security

As with all emerging technologies, AI has benefits and challenges. We encourage you to be mindful of your use of AI. Some tips for you:

  • Take care with the data you provide to AI. Avoid providing personal information for yourself or others.
  • Be aware of the AI tool’s settings. Disable the tool from learning from your entries if possible.
  • Validate its outputs. Current generative AI tools do not think and will often include misleading, incorrect, or problematic responses.

Illinois does not control, nor see any of the specific answers and can’t guarantee accuracy from the tools. If you encounter significant unexpected or problematic responses that raise data privacy concerns, please contact If you suspect an AI is compromised or has other credible vulnerability concerns, please contact Your collaboration in maintaining a secure AI environment is integral to our commitment to privacy and data protection.

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