Welcome to Campus! New Student IT Tips for Spring 2024

Visit the student technology resource guide for information about technology resources and services available to you. 

Below are updates for this Spring 2024 and answers to common student questions. 

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with our Help Desk at consult@illinois.edu or help.illinois.edu. We’re here to help you!


Visit our Zoom essentials guide for additional assistance signing in and other Zoom features.

All students are given an Outlook Online email inbox. Check your inbox on any device by visiting outlook.office.com and entering your NetID@illinois.edu. You’ll be directed to the University sign-in page where you can sign in with your complete university email address and password.

See the following video tutorials to connect your inbox to your devices: Apple Mail, Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android


Computers and mobile devices

To set up IllinoisNet, use your device’s mobile data or the IllinoisNet_Guest visitor network to navigate to http://go.illinois.edu/IllinoisNetSetup. That page will detect your device and guide you through the connection process. If your device doesn’t have any access to Wi-Fi to access the above link, connect to IllinoisNet_Guest via your computer’s Wi-Fi list, then access the above link. 

Gaming, streaming, and other devices

If you are trying to connect a gaming, streaming, or voice device, you will need to complete a registration process. Please note that you will need to know the MAC Address for your device.

  1. Visit the device registration portal
  2. Sign in with your NetID and password.
  3. Click “Devices”.
  4. Click “Create New Device”.
  5. Fill out the form and select “Create”.
  6. Connect your registered gaming, streaming, or voice device to the “IllinoisNet_Guest” network.

For detailed instructions on your specific device, please visit this help article

Why can’t I find my course in Canvas?

Technology Services staff cannot add you to a course roster. If you recently added a course, it can take up to three days before it shows up. Your instructor will need to manually add you to the course roster for immediate access to content.

Contact your instructor to check if your course is using another learning management system, including Moodle or Lon-Capa.

If you are having issues with Moodle or Lon-Capa, you can use the following forms:

Visit our Cloud Dashboard to enable Microsoft 365 and Google Suite apps. Log in at cloud-dashboard.illinois.edu/ with your NetID and Password to access the apps.